Guide to Sustainable Manufacturing: Direct to Garment Printing

Guide to Sustainable Manufacturing: Direct to Garment Printing


In today’s fast-paced fashion industry, apparel manufacturing has become one of the most environmentally damaging processes. Traditional manufacturing methods involve the use of vast amounts of water, chemicals, and energy to produce clothing. However, with the increasing need for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach, print-on-demand or Direct to Garment (DTG) has emerged as a reliable solution. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of Direct to Garment manufacturing and explain why it is considered the most sustainable approach to apparel.

1. No Overproduction or Wastage:

One of the most significant benefits of Direct to Garment manufacturing is the absence of overproduction and wastage. Traditional manufacturing involves mass production before the products are sold, which results in a surplus of unsold inventory. This unsold inventory becomes dead stock that goes to landfills, resulting in a considerable amount of fabric waste. DTG, on the other hand, ensures that clothing is produced only when an order is placed. This means the amount of waste produced is significantly less than the traditional manufacturing approach.

2. Reduced Water Consumption:

Aside from producing less waste, Direct to Garment manufacturing also uses less water than traditional manufacturing methods. Traditional methods use incredibly large amounts of water to dye, bleach, and process fabrics. In contrast, DTG requires less water as the inks used are directly applied to the garment, eliminating the need for water-intensive processes.

3. Vegan Non-Toxic Ink:

In conventional manufacturing, textile dyeing requires the use of toxic chemicals that have a detrimental impact on the environment. DTG uses only non-toxic, vegan inks that are completely safe for adults and children. The inks are also water-based, which means that the printing process does not contribute to air pollution.

4. Production with Intention:

Direct to Garment manufacturing is the most thoughtful and intentional. Customers can order a garment with their preferred design and color, and the item will be produced only when they place an order – avoiding unnecessarily high production volume while still meeting the needs of the customer.  Only products that have already been ordered by customers are produced leaving no unwanted items and no items or materials to go the landfill. 

By choosing Direct to Garment manufacturing, you can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of fashion by minimizing waste and resource consumption. With DTG's no wastage, overproduction, less water consumption, vegan inks and customization processes, it is the most eco-friendly and efficient approach to producing clothing. By choosing to order clothes directly through DTG printing, you will be a part of a sustainable fashion movement that values the environment, people, and planet over cost and convenience.

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